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Welcome Aboard- 2015 QB Brian Lewerke

Michigan State football heads across the country for its 4th commit in the 2015 class

Leon Halip
Quarterback Brian Lewerke

Phoenix, Arizona (Pinnacle High School)


listed by various sources between 6'1'' and 6'3'', and 180 and 194 lbs.


Scout- 3*, #33 QB, 24/7- 3*, #24 Pro-style QB, Rivals- 4*, #11 pro-style QB, ESPN- 4*, #9 pocket QB

Notable Offers:

Arizona, Arizona State, Florida, Louisville, Oregon State, UCLA, West Virginia


Junior year: 167/316 (52.8%), 2780 yards (8.79 yards per attempt), 33 TDs, 9 INTs, 93 carries, 464 yards (4.99 yards per carry), 3 TD


A longer look at his junior year is available from HUDL, here.

Thoughts on film

Well, the video opens a bit like a Silent Hill game, so that ain't bad.

Lewerke appears to be another data point of MSU's shift from 'pass guy who can pass' (Cousins, Foles, Boisture, Maxwell) to 'pass guy who can also run a bit' (Cook, O'Connor, Terry, Campbell), as opposed to 'run guy who can also pass a bit'. The video features lots of roll-out and pocket escapes (maybe a commentary on his offensive line) but that exhibits his comfort throwing on the run. Arm strength seems very evident from the variety of deep to intermediate throws to all parts of the field. Accuracy probably needs some work, going by both his completion percentage and some of the tough catches his receivers are required to make in these highlights. His open field running style seems less bruising and more shifty than what we're used to with Cook, surely a reflection of his lighter frame.

Thoughts on offer list:

When I check offer lists I basically look for two things.

First, have the major in-state programs pursued him or held off? Basically, are the programs closest to him, who've presumably seen him more than anyone else, showing serious interest? In this case, there's the Wildcat and Sun-Devil offers, check and check.

Second, are coaching staffs with particular proficiency at coaching or developing the player's position expressing serious interest? Traditionally, a guard or running back with a Wisconsin offer is a nice vote of confidence, whereas a quarterback or defensive tackle with that same Wisconsin offer might not mean as much.

UCLA's Noel Malzone (Brett Hundley, Brock Osweiler, Phillip Rivers, Jason Campbell), West Virgina's Dana Holgorson (Geno Smith, Brandon Weeden, Case Keenum, Graham Harrel) Arizona's Rich Rodriguez (Pat White, Denard Robinson), and Louisville's Bobby Petrino (Ryan Mallett, Brian Brohm, Jake Plummer) all have very solid pedigrees in producing prolific college quarterbacks, a good sign then, that each offered Lewerke

Reflections on the rest of the class

Lewerke represents MSU's second QB recruit, and 4th recruit overall, in the 2015 class (Campbell is assumed by me to be in the class until he isn't, but there's also some uncertainty there). Based on history, but not any inside information, I would expect at least one more commitment next weekend during MSU's Spring Game and general banter from those in the know is that this will be a smaller recruiting class for MSU (15-20 players or so). Welcome Brian, and congrats!