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Michigan State Football - Your Spring Game Primer

The Spring Game is tomorrow. Fun! If you're going, here's how you can make the most of it.

Leon Halip



APRIL 26, 2014, 2:06 PM EASTERN



Honestly, it's hard to make any solid predictions from the Michigan State spring game each season. The offensive line, an area which relies heavily on cohesion among teammates, is mishmashed, making running the ball difficult. There are no real punt or kick returns. Dantonio, ever fickle, can change the rosters of the teams on the fly if he so wishes, much like a minor god on Olympus.  So what can you get out of the Spring game? Fun, and a lot of it. Here are some FAQs you might have about tomorrow.

So, it's going to be warm, right?

As always, warm is relative. It's supposed to be 52 degrees at the time of kickoff, which would've been cause for celebration a month ago. The good news is that the forecast calls for clear skies, which might be the last time some students feel the sun before finals start on Monday.

OK, it's going to be sunny and warm enough. Where's the tailgating at?

MSU Police will be enforcing the open container ordinance (or so the press release says), so unless you want to get an open container ticket, I'd suggest heavy use of Solo cups or taking your tailgate off-campus to one of East Lansing's finest cocktail and libation establishments (Crunchy's, Hopcat, The Riv, etc., I doubt you need much direction from me in this area).

What other events are occurring on campus, besides tailgating at my own discretion?

The annual youth football clinic, held by MSU's players and coaches, goes from 10-11:30 AM on the football practice fields. It's for kids ages 8-12, and they can enter the practice fields through the open gate on Shaw. From 11:30-2 PM, you can have your photo taken with the Legends Division, Big Ten Championship, and Rose Bowl trophies. Sorry, but you can't take your picture with the most prestigious Land Grant trophy.

So that's all well and good. What should I watch for during the game?

That both teams play hard and have fun? In all seriousness, there won't be a lot to take from the game football-wise. The biggest occurrences are the random fun things that occur during the game, like 350+ pounder Antonio Jeremiah getting  carry, Draymond Green suiting up at tight end, or Sparty taking a handoff. I'm not sure what fun thing will happen this year, but we haven't seen strength coach Ken Mannie try to lay out Nick Hill yet, so I'll be rooting for that.

Fun things are good, but aren't there a few players I should keep my eye on?

*sigh* I GUESS. First, keep an eye on Green Team safety Jalyn Powell. As a freshman last season Powell redshirted, but he had the most tackles on the team through both spring scrimmages. That stat may have played a big part in why he was the first safety selected in the draft, even ahead of the man ahead of him on the depth chart, R.J. Williamson.

On the White Team, keep an eye on wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett. He had a rocky go of it last season, but by all accounts he's looked much improved in the scrimmages this spring.

I either live too far away from East Lansing or hate freedom and can't make it to the game. Is there a way I can watch it?

Yup! It'll be on the Big Ten Network starting at 2 PM Eastern. Kirk Cousins and Kevin Kugler will be calling the game, so be on the lookout for this video again.

I'm done with the Spring Game, and want something to do in East Lansing.

The third annual Taste of East Lansing will be going on from 4 to 7 PM on the 200 block of Albert street, near Ann street. There will be live music as well as food from several area vendors.

This really isn't going to make August come any faster, is it.

Sadly, no. This is the most football-like substance we'll have until then though, so take it in and enjoy it.