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Linking Laconically is ready for some football

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Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Less than 24 hours from now, we will have gotten our first glimpse at the 2014 MSU football team, and we will have learned almost nothing. As Pete said today, it's hard to take away much from the spring game, but gosh darnit I'm still excited. We'll get a look at some guys we haven't seen play before, something fun is bound to happen, and it's freakin' football, so who cares about anything else?

Michigan State football spring game: five things to watch | Detroit Free Press |

Connor Cook is great, but I am excited to watch Damion Terry.

After smelling the roses, Michigan State looks to continue its climb | Sports Illustrated |

National title or bust?

Michigan State players (and their moms) watch ballot on union issue | Detroit Free Press |

Main takeaway: Darien Harris sure is a bright kid.

Northwestern football players cast vote on union | USA Today Sports |

Based on the Twitter, it doesn't sound like many players submitted a yes vote.

Mitch McGary heading to NBA after marijuana test nets him yearlong NCAA ban | Yahoo! Sports |

He would have been better off robbing someone in the eyes of the NCAA.

Former MSU, Lions QB Earl Morall dies at 79 | Detroit Free Press |