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Tom Izzo is still ours

The Timberwolves thing is no longer a thing.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

So says he, on talk radio an ESPN podcast:


"I'm going to be at Michigan State,"...

"We've got a big-time recruit coming in right now in about an hour," he went on to say. "If I was leaving, I wouldn't be recruiting."

Now, somebody tell me who the big-time recruit is.  We need something else to freak out about.

UPDATE: Rexrode is saying he doesn't think Izzo's statement was definitive based on having, like, actually listened to it. So keep freaking out about this if you'd like I guess.

UPDATE #2: Vannini has Izzo's full comments up. Yes, Izzo left the door open, as he always does, but I don't think he makes those comments if he's in active talks with the Timberwolves.