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Linking Laconically is still a Spartan


If you were worried about Tom Izzo bolting for the NBA, you can breathe easy ... for now, at least. Izzo said today that he intends to be the head coach at Michigan State next season, but his new favorite saying apparently is "Never say never." So while the Timberwolves gig apparently wasn't enough to lure Izzo away from East Lansing, he hasn't shut the door on the League just yet. And since there will potentially be a vacancy in Indianapolis if the Pacers complete their collapse and the Warriors might be looking for a new coach as well, there could still be some intriguing possibilities this summer.

Spartans' Tom Izzo, on NBA: 'If I was leaving, I wouldn't be recruiting' | Detroit Free Press |

Soooo, who's this recruit?

MSU basketball ranked 22nd for next season; Michigan 27th | Detroit Free Press |

Willing to bet MSU finishes better than that.

Magic Johnson calls former MSU, Saginaw High star Draymond Green 'mini-Magic' | MLive |

And he gives me an NBA team to root for with the Pistons sitting in the bottom of a flaming dumpster.

Candice Jackson brings late father's influence to head coaching gig at College of Charleston | Lansing State Journal |

D1 head coach at 31? Not bad.