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Linking Laconically is moving on

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Sorry for the delay on Linking Laconically today. A spontaneous first 18 holes of the year distracted me. Tonight, we get to watch the national title game all of us feel MSU should be in. However, it's time to stop being depressed about MSU basketball, so to take our minds of that, there's more football to read about, as spring practice keeps cruising along. There's also some good news on the basketball court, especially for Draymond Green, who has not surprisingly embraced his starting role while David Lee is out with an injury.

Bust to boom, Michigan State's Lawrence Thomas happy and healthy, ready to live up to hype | MLive |

It was a little early to call him a bust, but it will be nice to see him get a chance to prove himself.

Michigan State football freshmen Chris Frey, Matt Sokol motivating one another while adjusting to college | Detroit Free Press |

Got to be a weird feeling to be living on campus while all your friends are in high school.

Draymond Green as the Warriors most important power forward? In some ways, it's already probably happening | Mercury News |

He defends and sets screens with the best of 'em. Somebody coached him up well.

Dienhart: My All-Big Ten NCAA Tourney Team | Big Ten Network |

Pretty obvious choices.