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NFL Draft Night 1 Open Thread

Come follow along with us to see where Darqueze will get drafted.


It was a simpler time then. The NFL draft ran across only two afternoon days in April, and speculation as to who was going where only lasted for a month or so.  Today, the NFL Draft runs over three days in May, baseless speculation runs rampant, and the NFL may even push the draft back further in the next few years. Just one more reason to like college football.

That said, it's not like we can't be happy for some of our favorite Spartans to move on quite publicly to the next stage of their careers. Darqueze Dennard will almost certainly have his name called tonight, and Isaiah Lewis, Max Bullough, Tyler Hoover, and Bennie Fowler are just four more Spartans who hope to have their names called sometime in the next 48 hours.

This is your open thread for night one of the NFL Draft. Y'all know the rules, so feel free to have and make fun tonight. Enjoy the manufactured pandemonium, everyone.