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Welcome Aboard- Noah Listermann

Spartan staff's Cinci roots pay off again

Kevork Djansezian

Offensive Tackle Noah Listermann


Cincinnati, OH (Winton Woods)


Between 6'7'' and 6'8'' and between 265 and 293 pounds. For the record, three of four sites list him at 6'7'' and 293.


Scout- 3*, #51 OT; 24/7- 3* #93 OT; Rivals- 3*, #58 OT; ESPN- 3*, unranked.

Notable Offers:

Wisconsin, Illinois, Maryland, Indiana, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, Louisville


Thoughts on Film

Appears to mostly line up at right tackle in a triple option offense. Pancakes a couple kids right off the bat, which you like to see. Doesn't give up on his blocks, can get out to the second level, and seems powerful setting the edge in the run game. Size and strength are clearly not problems.

The difference between when he gets lower and pushes guys around and when he gets caught standing upright and only fights them to a standstill seems like a consistency of technique thing to iron out. There's also an understandable lack of passing going on in his HS offense so the nuances of pass protection may or may not be familiar to him when he shows up at MSU.

Thoughts on Offer List

Okay, worth pointing out that a Wisconsin offer isn't the same seal of quality for OL as it was when Bielema, Chryst, and Bostad were on the sideline, but it's still a seal of quality in its own right from a top Big Ten program. Four other Big Ten schools joined MSU in offering Listermann, as did his hometown school of Cincinnati, a good sign from folks that had the closest look at him. Elsewhere, it's interesting to note the variety of offenses that thought they could slide Listermann into their system from Airraid (Indiana) to pro-style (MSU) to spread (Louisville) to triple option (Georgia Tech).

Reflections on the rest of the class

Listermann is MSU's 5th commit in the 2015 class and their 2nd offensive lineman. Stallworth probably projects inside at MSU, so it wouldn't surprise to see MSU potentially grab one more offensive tackle in the class, but it's worth noting that MSU's 2-deep at the OT spots this Spring was 'Sophomore, RS Freshman, Junior, Sophomore' so maybe they're content with just Listermann at OT in this class. Again, this is likely to be a smaller recruiting class for MSU, possibly as few as 15 players.

It's nice to see MSU bring these talented OL into the fold early on. Welcome, and congratulations, Noah!