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World Cup Threads Are Back!

Come watch the biggest event in soccer with us.

Chris McGrath

Four years ago, when this site was still (relatively) small, KJ got together with Kurt from Bless You Boys (SB Nation's Detroit Tigers blog) to do World Cup threads. Well, it's four years later, and although we won't be sharing those duties with BYB this time around, we'll still have World Cup threads on our site for each game day, starting with Brazil vs. Croatia tomorrow!

We're also running a World Cup Pick 'Em as well. There's no prizes for winning except the bragging rights amongst the TOC commenters. If you want to enter, click on this link.

Lastly, if you're looking for a great World Cup preview, SB Nation has one for you right here. If you're relatively new to soccer and looking for an introductory guide to the World Cup, SB Nation also has you covered. If you'd rather just laugh at some of the outrageous opening ceremonies that have happened throughout previous World Cups (Diana Ross's missed penalty in '94 FTW), here you go.

These were great four years ago, here's the one from USA vs. Algeria as proof. So why not share your World Cup excitement with us this summer?