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World Cup and Open Thread for June 13-15

There's going to be 10 World Cup games throughout Friday and the weekend - talk about them here.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everyone! So, we didn't get a lot of comments in the first World Cup thread, yesterday, so I've decided to do a couple things:

  • This thread will be the World Cup thread for all the games from June 13-June 15. So your Spain vs. Netherlands, England vs. Italy, Argentina vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina; they'll all be in this thread.
  • This thread can also be used to go off-topic. Got anything you want to talk about? Throw it in here.
That said, there are a lot of games of interest this weekend. Mexico-Cameroon and Spain-Netherlands should be two good ones today, England-Italy is going to be the highlight of Saturday, and there should be more than a few goals when Argentina take on Bosnia on Sunday.

This is your open thread for...well, pretty much anything. Three rules as always - no links to illegal game streams, no slurs, and be cool to one another. Enjoy the weekend everyone!