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Open Thread: USA vs. Ghana

At long last, America begins World Cup play against the team that eliminated it last time.

Kevin C. Cox

Good news - Germany is currently beating Portugal 4-0, so if the USA can find a way to beat Ghana today, they will be in very, very good shape to progress. There's no news on the players the Stars and Stripes will be sending out yet, but I'd imagine it'd be some form of Howard at the back, Dempsey up front, Bradley somewhere behind Dempsey, and the back four? Well, let's not think about that too much.

A lot is at stake. If the US win, they'll be in very good shape to get out of the group, especially with half of Portugal's back four unlikely to play again this tournament. A loss would almost surely put the United States out of it, and a tie means that they'll probably have to beat Portugal to have a meaningful shot of progressing.

This is the open thread for USA-Ghana. You know the rules - no links to illegal game streams, no slurs, and be cool to one another.