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Linking Laconically has options

Jeff Gross

The big news to come out after yesterday's post was Jayru Campbell de-committing from Michigan State. Whether his offer was pulled or he opted out, we might never know for sure, but it's no surprise he won't be coming to East Lansing.

While it's a bummer things went the way they did with Campbell, other links today show just how little the Spartans rely on any one player anyway.

QB recruit Jayru Campbell de-commits from Michigan State, weighs other offers | Detroit News |

Best of luck, kid.

Michigan State recruit Kyonta Stallworth 'staying humble and hungry' | Detroit Free Press |

That's the way to be.

Mark Dantonio will bank on Michigan State's reserve strength | Detroit News |

Not even worried.

Spartans Brandon Clemons stays on defense, could contribute this fall | Detroit Free Press |

Nobody has been talking about this guy.

Pre-draft Q&A: Former Michigan State forward Adreian Payne | Sports Illustrates |

He grew up so much in four years.