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Michigan State recruiting: Welcome Aboard - Grayson Miller

Camp offer quickly commits to Spartans.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Athlete Grayson Miller


Georgetown, Kentucky (Scott County)


between 6'2'' and 63'' and 180 and 195 pounds


unranked by all four services

Notable Offers

Western Kentucky

Thoughts on Offer List

Well, it's sparse.

His sole other listed offer is from an in-state program, Western Kentucky, and he lacks offers from the larger in-state programs Kentucky and Louisville. Current Louisville head coach, and former WKU coach, Bobby Petrino declined to offer him at his new gig.

So why, you might ask, was this player camping at MSU in particular, and in the mind-state to commit almost immediately upon receiving his offer (You know, besides the Big Ten Champs, Rose Bowl, nation's #1 defense, stuff)? Well, if I told you his father was John Miller, a safety and captain on MSU's 1988 Rose Bowl squad, would it start to make a bunch more sense? It did for me.

Sometimes all a high school football player needs is the one offer he's looking for.

Thoughts on Film

Via Hudl

What jumps off the tape to me is he's a sure one-on-one tackler and moves really well in space on defense. It's that trait in particular that I'd think the staff probably got a look at on tape and in person and liked as well. Bubble screens, chasing down receivers from behind, filling in against cut-backs, he's cleaning up all over the place in the open field. He's also making plays down-field in pass coverage. This just so happens to be a vital skill-set in MSU's quarter's defense.

When you look at his current weight and height, you could  easily see him at strong safety, his high school position, but personally I think he'll bulk up some and be a near natural fit at the Taiwan Jones/Chris Norman weakside LB spot. MSU has a glut of safeties who can provide run support, I think being able to sneak this sort of space-patrolling skill-set into the flat could be aces against the spread offenses that will make up about half of MSU's Big Ten opponents at any given time. That goes double for the 3-3-5 3rd down package. There are questions about whether he'd be able to fill in the nitty-gritty gap responsibility stuff vs opponent's inside run games, but then, that's true of lots of HS OLB prospects.

On offense he has plays called for him like any ~6'3'' kid would in high school football: lots of jump-balls. He comes down with some nice catches over his defender, but I don't really see the route variety or precision on that tape to slot him in as a receiver, he seems to be a defensive back-seven prospect all the way, imo. I know MSU is looking for a bigger receiver in this class, but I think there are still a couple other players they are looking at to fill that role, first.

Encouraging to see him blocking multiple field goals and punts, game-changing special team's play is a sure-fire way to get on the field early and make a difference.

His team was apparently undefeated last season, good for a top 100 ranking nationwide, however, it's fair to have some reservations about Kentucky's overall level of football compared to some of its region's larger states.

Reflections on the Rest of the Class

With the departure of Jayru Campbell, the addition of Miller brings MSU's class back up to six commits. Miller is probably a defensive athlete in MSU's 2015 class (though WR, or TE, or even FB could be possible once he gets on campus). There's a nice little history of Dantonio unearthing hidden gems in these summer camp settings: starting CB and likely draft pick Trae Waynes for one; intriguing, lightening quick, DE Demetrius Cooper for another.

Here's to hoping the younger Miller captains an MSU Rose Bowl of his own someday. Congrats Grayson, and welcome!