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Linking Laconically is about more than winning

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

I really like winning. Most anyone who's ever done anything competitive or been a fan of any team really likes winning.

Mark Dantonio also likes winning. You don't play football and become a head coach if you don't love the glory of victory and hate the sting of defeat. But the beautiful thing about Dantonio is that, while he's created a pretty consistent winner in East Lansing, he hasn't abandoned his values to do it. He hasn't forgotten the other primary job of a college head coach, which is to send your players out as better men than when they arrived.

So, Coach Dantonio, today's Linking Laconically goes out to you. Thanks for stickin' around.

Mark Dantonio: Head football coach at Michigan State sees himself as a leader of young men | Detroit News |

Can't sit well with Michigan fans that an Ohio native coaching at Michigan State was bestowed with such an honor.

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Hopefully Keith gets a shot.

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Thanks, Ken Mannie.

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Football and video games are two of my favorite things, so this seemed interesting.

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His performance against Louisville in the 2009 Elite Eight was legendary.