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Michigan State Recruiting: Welcome Aboard (2016)- Cameron Chambers

New Jersey WR is the Spartan's first commit in 2016.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Wide Receiver Cameron Chambers


Sicklerville, New Jersey (Timber Creek)


between 6'1'' and 6'3'' between 195 and 203 pounds.


consensus 4* to all four sites

Notable Offers

Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Ohio State, Rutgers, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin

Thoughts on Offer List

Very impressive, particularly for a 2016 kid. Couple of huge Southern powers (Bama, Florida), couple of huge Midwestern powers (OSU, Wisconsin), plus Virginia Tech, South Carolina, and Michigan. Home state offer from Rutgers, check. Other offers from lower-profile schools that've still tossed some talent to the NFL at WR in recent years (Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland). It all checks out.

Thoughts on Film

Clearly capable of playing smaller than his listed size, and I mean that as a complement. Like, the team isn't just throwing him fade routes and go routes the whole time and saying, "you're 6'3'', go up and get the ball" (though he shows he's no slouch at that type of jump ball situation when called upon). He's running slants, and drags, and tunnel screens, the type of shallow and intermediate passing game stuff that lots of teams don't run through their taller receivers. I think this could be an advantage, like how a guard who catches a late growth spurt can be a 6'8 guy who is comfortable shooting and handling the ball, it seems like Chambers hasn't just relied on his height and athleticism to overpower his competition, and is working on a more complete game.

That said, if he's the 6'3'' he's listed at, or is still growing, and doesn't lose the speed he shows off in this video, that's a very, very, intriguing wide receiver skill-set. Fast enough to run past teams who try to press him, and quick enough to find yards underneath against teams who back off him. He also makes a couple of very difficult catches in traffic, and does well to find the ball in the air.

His frame looks ready for the next level already, though will be worth watching whether he puts on the customary 15-20 pounds in the high school-college transition, or if he possibly continues growing further into more of a TE/WR prospect. Keeping a focus on maintaining a receiver's weight and speed may be particularly important, as, at least on this highlight tape, Chamber's run-blocking is an unknown.

Outlook on the Rest of the Class

As the first recruit in his class, it's naturally a bit hard to say. You'd imagine MSU brings him out for one of the big games on their schedule this Fall and it can't hurt to have another commit in the ears of the other 2016 guys. He represents another breakthrough for the Spartans in New Jersey, where MSU, and particularly Pat Narduzzi, spent ages recruiting before it finally started paying dividends. But with Rutgers, and to a lesser extent, Maryland and Penn State offering New Jersey families a chance or two to see their kids playing nearby every year, it's not hard to see Michigan State and the Big Ten becoming more attractive options to the talent-rich state.

A long way til the 2016 signing day, obviously, but Chamber's verbal represents a very strong start to build off of as fall camp begins. Congrats Cameron, and welcome!