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Linking Laconically is growing impatient

Andy Lyons

We're down two days -- TWO -- until MSU football starts, and I feel like I'm in a perpetual bad mood because I just want it to be Friday evening. Yesterday, the first depth chart of the regular season was revealed, and there were some surprises, but most of it looked as expected. Between now and game time, not much should change, as it's just a big waiting game.

Michigan State freshmen make an impact; full depth chart here | Detroit News |

You've all probably seen the depth chart, but there's some more tidbits.

Michigan State football 2014: Big questions, breakout players, bold predictions | Detroit Free Press |

So glad preview season is almost over.

Spartans starting national title chase with much to learn about selves | Detroit Free Press |

We're all ready for an actual game, but imagine how the players feel about the prospect of getting to hit someone else.

Michigan needs to follow Michigan State's lead, and embrace defense | Detroit News |

Didn't delve into the comments section, but I imagine it's a treat.

MSU assistant says R.J. Shelton a natural at DB | Lansing State Journal |

This was unexpected.

Michigan State notes: Physicality propels Darian Hicks to starting cornerback | Detroit Free Press |

A necessity in MSU's system.

Michigan State guard Keenan Wetzel awarded scholarship for senior season | MLive |

Completely missed this a couple days ago, but good for him.

Michigan State shows off Spartan Stadium renovations to fans | Detroit Free Press |


Former Michigan State linebacker Jon Misch to appear on upcoming season of survivor | MLive |

Obligatory #Spartanswill.