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How to watch Michigan State vs. Jacksonville State: Game time, TV schedule, more

All the minutia Spartan fans need to know for this week's game!

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Well, it is finally here. After a long off-season filled with watching the 100th Rose Bowl DVD enough times to cause community concern, we all can watch real live football again. The best kind of football, the type where we don't know the ending! So give those DVRs a break and get ready for what should be another amazing season of Spartan Football.

#8 MSU Spartans vs. #8 (FCS) Jacksonville State Gamecocks

Game Time: 7:30 PM EST, Friday

Location: Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI


Radio: Spartan Sports Network

Online Streaming: BTN2Go (TV Provider required)

Forecast: 69 degrees, 83% humidity, 40% chance of rain, A great day for football!

Now that we have the boring details handled let's focus on the game itself. I can't sum it up any better than Joe and Heck did earlier so check out their tag team preview here. Since this is my first time expanding out of covering Spartan hockey, I wanted to make this football info piece a little more fun than just the nuts and bolts of the game. Also, since I haven't played organized football a day in my life, I'll spare you the pain of me analyzing things on a deep level. So I'll be wrapping these things up with a little fun to get you feeling good heading into the pressure cooker (hopefully not this week) that is watching college football.

JSU Famous Alumni: Jacksonville State is the alma mater of none other than, clubhouse buffet extraordinaire Todd Jones. The closer for the Detroit Tigers from 1997-2000 and 2006-2008, had 319 career saves and was a key cog in the 2006 Tigers team that reached the World Series.

"Francisco That's Fun To Say": In this section I highlight a fun looking name from that week's opponent. This week's winner is Bo Billups. Or should I say Bo Buh Buh Buh Buh Billups! Anyone that makes me remember the 2004-2007 Pistons of my youth is bound to win this category.

Interesting JSU Fact: Jacksonville State features a varsity Rifle squad. The team finished 7th at the NCAA Championships last spring, making its 4th straight appearance. Just in case you're curious, the top three finishers last season were (in order): West Virginia, Alaska, and Kentucky.

It is finally here everyone -- Spartan football season commences tonight. Have fun and see you next week!