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The Michigan State University Visitors' Guide, Version 2.0

Many fans have questions about where to go to enjoy good food, drinks, and beds to stay in when visiting East Lansing. The MSU visitors' guide is here to answer them.

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I wrote the original version of the East Lansing visitors' guide three years ago. At the time I was running this blog and living in the area, and I thought a few posts that explained how to get to MSU, where to stay, rules about tailgating, transportation and places to eat and drink.

Since I first wrote that guide, a lot has happened in East Lansing. New restaurants have moved in (HopCat, Peppino's), and some have closed (RIP Paul Revere's Tavern). Also, I don't live in East Lansing anymore, having spent the past two years in Chicago working on my master's. Because of this, and since we're welcoming two new teams to the  I feel the old EL visitors' guide is outdated. It's time for a new one.

Thus starting tomorrow, a new version of the East Lansing visitors' guide, now dubbed the MSU visitors' guide, will be born. Since I don't live in Mid-Michigan anymore, I'm going to count on recommendations from you, dear readers, to help write this guide along with me. I'm going to split it into five parts:

  • Thursday, August 7 - How to get to Michigan State
  • Friday, August 8 - Where to stay around Michigan State
  • Monday, August 11 - Where to eat around Michigan State
  • Tuesday, August 12 - Where to drink around Michigan State
  • Wednesday, August 13 - Michigan State tailgating rules

While there's some things I still know I know about Michigan State (You can get a darn fine beer on Friday night at Crunchy's karaoke night), there's also some things I think I know (If MSU's HopCat is anything like Grand Rapids's, it's a beer geek's Xanadu), and some things I know I don't know.

One more thing -- if you are an undergrad or grad student and have been a long-time lurker, PLEASE think about making an account and contributing what students do these days. You'd make the day of a 30-year-old man who desperately wants to be clued in.