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Linking Laconically is pro style


The bye week provided a little more excitement than expected for MSU fans. In case you missed it, Brian Hoyer, Drew Stanton and Kirk Cousins all led their respective NFL teams to victories Sunday, with Hoyer and Stanton both winning as starters. None of them have proven to be the most prolific pro quarterbacks by any stretch, but winning in the NFL isn't easy and having the last three starters from the same college is quite the feat. And it wasn't just MSU fans who noticed...

Inside Michigan State's prolific 'Game Management QB' factor | Sporting News |

I guess we should take it as a compliment?

Cousins is ready to take Griffin's job, and keep it | Sporting News |

Sporting News loves the Spartans.

Numbers: Michigan State's 45-point line against Eastern Michigan its largest in at least 20 years | MLive |

That's a lot.

Michigan State WR Mcgarrett Kings Jr. thankful to be back after DUI, spring suspension | MLive |

I'd be surprised if he screwed up again.

MSU coaches hit road for John Kelly, Donnie Corley, other major prospects | Detroit News |

John Kelly has had a nice start to the year for Oak Park.

Michigan State basketball to hold Midnight Madness Oct. 24 ahead of football game vs. Michigan | MLive |

Well this should be fun.