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Michigan State Football Depth Chart vs. Oregon

Injuries in last Friday's win against Jacksonville State have necessitated a couple of changes on the offensive side of the ball.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The Spartans used an explosive first half to roll to an easy victory against Jacksonville State last week, but the win didn't come without its costs. Connor Cook, Jeremy Langford, Travis Jackson and Macgarrett Kings all needed medical attention at some point during the game. While Cook stayed in the game and played excellently, Langford was eventually subbed out, and both Jackson and Kings left the game prematurely. However, these injuries have not changed the depth chart in any significant way;  you can see it here.

There's only one possible change I saw from last week's chart, and that would be Kevin Cronin is now on kickoffs instead of Michael Geiger. Besides that, though, the status quo remains.

It could be that Jackson's and Kings's injuries are hopefully not as severe as we thought they were on Friday, and both players (especially Jackson, one of the Spartans' three best offensive linemen) will play in Eugene in MSU's biggest nonconference regular season game in recent memory. We'll learn more at the press conference today, but seeing Jackson and Kings's names on the depth chart is a small positive sign.