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No. 7 Michigan State @ No. 3 Oregon Predictions

We give our thoughts on Saturday's top 10 clash at Autzen Stadium.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Baumgartner: Oregon 27-20

Pete Rossman: Oregon 27-20

HeckDorland: MSU 27-24

KJ: Long-time readers know that I am an avowed non-predictor of game results.  Last year, I had a shtick about it we included in these posts.  I think I'll spare everyone that this year.  Go Green.

Joe Tuohey: Oregon 45-41

SpartanBDF: MSU 24-20

intrpdtrvlr: MSU 34-23

Jameson Draper: MSU 35-31

Jeremy_Dewar: Oregon 38-34

Jeremy Warnemuende: I guess I have to pick Oregon to go with my preseason prediction. 31-27.

SpartanDan: Oregon 34-31

LVS: Oregon 34-24

With his 42-7 prediction for Michigan State last week against Jacksonville State, chalk one up for Con-T.  In regards to this week's long awaited and anticipated game with Oregon, SpartanBDF, Heck, Jameson and intrpdtrvlr are going out on the green limb in picking the Spartans. Blake and Pete have the same score, which means that if the score does end with Oregon winning 27-20 (hopefully not), they'll split the win. What are your predictions?