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Michigan State Football falls to #13 in the Coaches' Poll

Yesterday's loss to Oregon means a drop in the Coaches' Poll for the Spartans.

Steve Dykes

While the Spartans gave a good performance for two-and-a-half to three quarters in Eugene last night, the Ducks' pace was eventually too much for MSU, and they fell a bit in this week's Coaches poll. Obviously polls have a lot less influence on who plays for the national title then they did a year ago, but it's still interesting to see where the Spartans rank. The Spartans fell seven spots to #13 in the Coaches' Poll this week, while Oregon stays at #4.

Here are some things of interest:

  • There are three other Big Ten teams in the poll: Wisconsin at #17, Ohio State at #18, and Nebraska at #21.
  • Ohio State fell 11 spots from #7 to #18. This was still not big enough of a fall to put them behind the #19 ranked Virginia Tech Hokies, the team that beat them 35-21 in Columbus.
  • Nebraska also falls three spots. That's what happens when you need Ameer Abdullah to make sure you beat an FCS foe without overtime.
  • Other Big Ten teams receiving votes: Minnesota (17 votes), Iowa (9 votes), Michigan (2 votes? OK then).
Here's the poll in full:

Ranking School First Place votes
1 Florida State 51
2 Alabama 1
3 Oklahoma 3
4 Oregon 6
5 Auburn
6 Georgia 1
7 Baylor
8 Texas A&M
10 USC
11 Notre Dame
13 Michigan State
14 Arizona State
15 Ole Miss
16 Stanford
17 Wisconsin
18 Ohio State
19 Virginia Tech
20 Kansas State
21 Nebraska
22 Missouri
23 South Carolina
24 Clemson
25 North Carolina