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Welcome Aboard - Andrew and David Dowell

The Twins from Ohio make it 19 in the 2015 Class

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Story

The Dowells were originally Kentucky commits until rumblings that they'd de-committed from the Wildcats and committed to MSU. They're fraternal twins from the same high school as Delvon Roe (St. Edward in Ohio), which is pretty neat. And they've got at least 7 if not 8 stars combined, if you're into the whole #countingstars thing. Considering that I just made that reference, I probably am.

Honestly, I got these two confused multiple times while writing this, so I apologize if there's confusion. I guess that's some nice foreshadowing.

Andrew is a 3/4 star projected RB, while David is a solid 4 star projected WR/DB.

The Measurables

Andrew is listed between 6'0 and 6'2 and between 200 and 215 lbs. I didn't see a 40 time listed for him anywhere. I'm guessing it's slower than David's.

David is listed as 6'1, 195 lbs, with a 4.69 40 time that actually sounds reasonable.

Notables Offers (Both)

West Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Kentucky. David also had interest from Tennessee



Andrew does a nice job of finding the hole and getting up to speed quickly. He doesn't appear to have a whole lot of shake & bake, but he counters that by being decisive and using a pretty effective stiff arm. He also shows the ability to nicely adjust to some poorly thrown balls coming out of the backfield, and he's also a willing (perhaps enthusiastic) special teams guy. A much different back than any in recent MSU memory.


Interestingly, David played a lot of press coverage in high school and that's shown in these highlights. He doesn't show very good strength or technique in jamming receivers at the line, but he does a nice job of turning, staying with his man, and locating the ball. He's also not afraid to help out in the run game.

As a receiver, he goes up and gets the ball at it's highest point which is nice to see. There are a lot of high school secondaries breaking down horribly in this highlight reel, so I have no idea what his route running is actually like.

The Rest of the Class

You have to figure the class is getting pretty close to complete, now. These two bring the total up to 19, though I'm not sure how many spots might still be available. These two are big gets; they're examples of the growth of the MSU Football #Brand bringing in high-level guys at the wire. Also, Kentucky's Twitter presence as #BBN is incredibly annoying and I'm really satisfied that we've gotten two to flip.

Welcome to the Green & White, Andrew and David!!