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The Only Podcast: Bridging the Gap

This is a classy podcast
This is a classy podcast
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for this being a day late. Had an issue with a pet, so we had to push it back.

Topics include:

- MSU vs. Central Michigan

- Evaluating the defensive back situation

- Does Utah's blowout of Oregon change your feelings on MSU's win?

- The offensive line situation, Dennis Finley

- Previewing Purdue

- Why does Mark Dantonio always struggle with Purdue?

- Game picks

- Is the Big Ten West actually pretty good?

- NFL scouts down on Connor Cook

- Would you take Miles Bridges over a football win?

- Would you take a win over Ohio State and a conference title with a loss to Michigan?

You can listen here or watch in the videos below. Make sure you subscribe in iTunes.