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Week Six Staff Game Predictions: Michigan State vs Rutgers

After nearly losing to Purdue last weekend in East Lansing, the Spartans hope to bounce back against a troubled Rutgers program.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

What a week it has been for the Michigan State Spartans. From almost losing to Purdue, injuries, to moving down two spots in the AP poll, it has not been satisfying watching the Spartans play. Despite the Spartans being 5-0 and No.4 in the nation, there's still plenty to improve on. Until they make these improvements, they will continue to win close games saved by their rushing offense. This weekend they face a 2-2 Rutgers team that has some problems of its own.

The Rutgers started the season dismissing five of their players, after a campus incident involving the beating of Rutgers students. Soon after the Rutgers lost to Washington State 37-34, Leonte Carroo was involved in a violent dispute outside the stadium that led to him being suspended while facing assault charges. Head coach Kyle Flood's career continues to spin out of control when he is now placed on suspension for three games and has to pay a $50,000 fine for the allegations against his team as well as the breaking of team rules. That brings us to today with the Spartans facing an interim head coach and a team right now that is in a dark place.

Earlier this week Carroo was reinstated as charges were dropped, but sources do not expect him to be a big impact player this weekend. The career leader in touchdown catches only practiced Thursday and is figured to take some time to get into the swing of things. That helps our secondary tremendously due to the current injuries we are facing. This week's game predictions are rather surprising, but hey when your team is barely winning it is bound to happen. Here are our picks at The Only Colors: