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The Only Podcast: Paul Bunyan, Rivalry Cop

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for this being a day late. All the coaching changes from the weekend have had me swamped in work.

Topics include:

What was good and bad in MSU's win over Rutgers

Offensive line, defensive backs


Why is MSU struggling against lesser teams?

Is MSU holding back?

Breaking down the matchup with Michigan

How will MSU attack Michigan's D?

Special teams

Michigan offense vs MSU defense

Score predictions

ESPN article

Can MSU and U-M be good at the same time?

Who is this game bigger for?

College Gameday

You can listen here or in the video below. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes. Thanks for listening. Leave any feedback, including how you think it's ridiculous that Joe thinks the 2012 MSU team would beat the 2010 one.