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Michigan State Spartans Football: The Quick Six T-Shirt

Commemorate the play with a T-Shirt

Hey y'all. I'm excited about this. We've got a t-shirt for you, and I think you'll like it.

Some background: I tried to crowd-source a phrase to describe this play. "The Big House Blunder" was popular, but I didn't think you'd want a shirt that said "Big House" on it anywhere. "The Fumbaugh" is funny but again, this should be more about MSU than about Regular Michigan. "Watts Just Happened" would've been pretty good, but it's too long and there were potential complications. "The Gift Six" also minimizes the play made by MSU.

So I give to you: The Quick Six. Short, sweet, and takes fewer than 10 seconds. In t-shirt form here:

And white:

If you're into t-shirts but would prefer something The Only Colors specific, we still have those available here.

Let me know what you think! I'm going with a sport gray model, personally.