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UPDATED: The Only Tailgate

It's happening, for real.

UPDATE: The weather gods really do have it in for us:


But #SpartansWill. All systems go. See below for location.  Look for this sign (hand-crafted by Son of KJ) facing toward the interior of Adams Field.

toc sign

See you all Saturday. 9:00 start.


Mark your calendars for October 24 (the Indiana game).  We're doing this.  Nothing fancy: BYO everything.  But it'll be a chance to put faces to internet snark.  Confirmed attendees include The Honorable Site Manager Joe Tuohey and Favorite Rival of the Blog (but not #RealRival of the blog) Jamie Mac (who's an Indiana fan on top of being a Michigan fan).

We'll be set up in this area of Adams Field:

tailgate map

We promise to have a sign that says "TOC."   We'll update this post as appropriate as we get closer to the event. Follow me on Twitter (@KJfromtheDeck) for any late breaking news.  RSVP in the comments.

NOTICE: By publishing this post, I have guaranteed that it will be 40 degrees and raining on October 24.