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Week Ten Staff Game Predictions: Spartans vs. Terrapins

Michigan State must bounce back after a controversial loss against the Cornhuskers this weekend if they expect to be mentioned in playoff talk.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

After a controversial call late in the fourth quarter, the Spartans received their first loss to the hands of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Spartans were likely pushed out of playoff contention this past weekend on what seems to be a very questionable call by Big Ten referees. However the Spartans cannot live in the past, and the game cannot be overturned, or replayed for Michigan State's sake. No.14 Michigan State will take on a 2-7 struggling Terrapin team that will be looking to add to the Spartans pity party. Michigan State will have to apply pressure to the quarterback and do some serious soul searching in the secondary if they want to keep this game out of reach. The Spartans allowed 499 total yards against the Cornhuskers on Sunday and must go back to the drawing board to find a game plan that focuses on aiding the secondary. Despite the consistent defensive struggles, we at The Only Colors still believe the Spartans should win by at least two touchdowns. Here are this week's score predictions: