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MSU vs. Maryland: Game Thread

Let's try to get back to winning.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

After losing 39-38 last week against Nebraska, MSU is back in the hunt to regain their spot in the wins column.

Michigan's 8-1, Maryland's 2-7 thus far into the season.

The games coming from Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, where it's current 45 degrees, and very sunny. Winds 10 mph.

The game can be seen on ESPN2 or WJR-AM (760).

Check back for more details as the game progresses...

Injury Report:

Maryland: Derwin Gray (ankle), Damien Prince (ankle).

MSU: Darian Hicks (head), Madre London (lower body). questionable; Ed Davis (knee), Vayante Copeland (vertebrae), Dennis Finley (leg), Jalen Watts (hip), and RJ Williamson (biceps).

Look for MSU to try to tighten-up defensively after what was a very poor showing last week. They're not in trouble when it comes to winning the Big Ten, but in a weeks time they'll play Ohio State, which'll be a huge test, something they're going to want to get ready for today.