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Recap: Michigan State Beats (then) Undefeated Ohio State

We Won! We Won! We Won! We Won! Holy S@#*!!!!!!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

First, we do the Dance of Joy!

Probably one of the biggest tests of the year for MSU was heading into the defending national champions Ohio State's  stadium on Saturday. MSU headed into the game ranked ninth, with Ohio in the three spot.

First Quarter:

Ohio got on the board first after a bad turnover in the Michigan State end. Sam Hubbard got to QB Damion Terry in time to force a fumble, with Ohio getting the ball on the MSU 32. The Spartans nearly got the goal line stand before Ezekiel Elliott scored on a fourth fun run from the one yard line.

With Ohio leading 7-0, MSU needed to get something going, and that they did. Tyler O'Connor lead a 75-yard touchdown drive, finished off by a 12-yard TDP to Trevor Pendleton. Aaron Burnbrdge had a nice 36-yard completion.

Second Quarter:

Literally nothing happened other than Michael Geiger missing a field goal. Boom.

Third Quarter:

MSU screws up badly when Macgarrett Kings messes up a punt, and gives Ohio State the ball at the MSU 6 yard line. The Buckeyes scored one play later on a pass to Jalin Marshall to make it 14-7 Ohio.

Fourth Quarter:

For the second time in the game, MSU returned the favour to Ohio with a 75 yard scoring drive to tie it up at 14 a piece.

But it would be Michael Geiger who'd answer the call, hitting a 41 yard field goal as time expires with the game tied, helping MSU to score, and finishing what will be one of the most shocking upsets of the season.

MSU will take on Penn State next weekend.