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Recap: MSU Beats Eastern Michigan 89-65

MSU beat Eastern Michigan 89-65... HA!

One more game until win 500 for coach Izzo.
One more game until win 500 for coach Izzo.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State welcomed Eastern Michigan to East Lansing (that's a fair bit of Michigan's and East's in one sentence), as the Spartans, who'd be debuting as a top-five team would beat the Eagles 89-65.

The Spartans started off having issues shooting the ball throughout much of the first half.

They knew they needed to do something different, and did. MSU would pick it up by driving to the hoop, drawing a fair bit of fouls, getting balls into the net, and making a few nice free throws- 17 to be exact, hitting 13 of them.

After a hard-fought first half, the Spartans had a 15-point lead heading into halftime. Javon Bess was a star, taking 10 free throws, earning seven in the basket.

MSU came-out in the second, and outdid themselves yet again, shooting 60 percent from the fioor.

Deyonta Davis finished the game with 16 points, shooting 7-for-10. Bryn Forbes, Javon Bess, Denzel Valentine, and Eron Harris all found themselves finishing in double digits.

Of note, this is win 499 for Tom Izzo, the next one will be a very special night.

Oh, and, did we mention that Magic Johnson was in attendance for the game.

MSU will regroup over the next few days, and then travel to California to play on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.