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Michigan State Enters 2015 Big Ten Championship Game At No. 5 In Both Polls

Following its 55-16 victory over Penn State on Saturday to clinch the Big Ten East, Michigan State heads to indianapolis next weekend at No. 5 in both major polls

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Five is certainly the magic number right now at Michigan State.

Situated at fifth in the most recent College Football Playoff rankings, Michigan State goes to Indianapolis next weekend for the third time in five years while being ranked fifth in both major polls.

The Associated Press bumped the Spartans up a spot from No. 6 to No. 5 as their 1,318 points puts them 27 points behind their opponent on Saturday - fourth-ranked Iowa.

Despite falling a spot from third to fourth in the AP Poll, the Hawkeyes, the Spartans and the Buckeyes give the Big Ten spots four through six in the AP Poll while Northwestern (No. 13), Michigan (No. 19) and Wisconsin (No. 25) follow.

While Michigan State and Ohio State are in the exact same spots in the AMWAY Coaches' Poll, Iowa holds a three-point lead over Oklahoma for the No. 3 ranking.

Like Michigan State and Ohio State, the other three Big Ten schools maintain their AP Poll positions in the coaches' poll.

With just two more rankings to come out from the 12-person College Football Playoff Selection Committee, the Spartans figure to stay at No. 5 come Tuesday - four days before they face off with the Hawkeyes for the Big Ten title.

The entire AP Poll is here while the AMWAY Coaches Poll can be seen here.