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The Only Podcast: Into the Cornfield

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to do a Se7en joke, with MSU at No. 7, but I couldn't think of a good one. Just picture Brad Pitt doing the "What's in the box??" scene, but asking to see the playoff rankings.

Topics include:

- MSU at No. 7 in the CFP Rankings. Is that a fair evaluation?

- Who is in your top 4?

- Recapping MSU vs. Indiana

- The good: Connor Cook, the defensive backs kinda. The bad: The running game, special teams (!)

- Previewing MSU vs. Nebraska. Notable Husker injuries

- Game predictions

- What to expect and what to watch for early in the basketball season.

You can listen here or in the YouTube video below. Subscribe on iTunes ("The Only Colors Podcast") or on the RSS.