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Linking Loquaciously is Checking Every Red Underlined Word

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

First, let's get this out of the way:

Yes, the "West Lansing" mention is a joke. Michael Rosenberg, a reporter many Michigan fans still hold as a man with a single-minded mission to take down the Wolverine football program, knows it's East Lansing. How this flew past the editorial stage, I have no idea. Myself, I blame milleni --

*checks driver's license*

*confirms that my age is 32*


Now let's get to the rest of the links.

Michigan State's Jack Conklin undecided on future, embraces Alabama challenge |

Jack Conklin reflects on his journey from Spartan walk-on to potential first round NFL draft pick.

Jack Allen's Craiglist Cat is "Almost Like a Dog"

The cat is named "Bubbles", named after a character on Trailer Park Boys (now available on Netflix!) I remember this mainly because one snowy night in 2005, I walked into the Spartan Sports Grill to watch MSU take on the Illini's best basketball team to this day (the one with Dee Brown, Luther Head, and Deron Williams), and was randomly called Bubbles by someone's friend. The name has stuck with me to this day.

Michigan State Spartans happy to get a shot at stopping Derrick Henry - Big Ten Blog- ESPN

If the Ohio State game was facing a running attack on "Pro" difficulty, Derrick Henry equates to the jump to "All-Madden". It's a good thing Alabama QB Jake Coker ranks 68th nationally in passer rating, but then again, that's part of the reason Alabama has ridden Henry like MSU rode Javon Ringer and Le'Veon Bell in their final seasons.

Ask Austin: Final exam week questions on Michigan State basketball |

A good Q&A on the state of Spartan basketball currently, but most notable for this picture:

Note to self: never get photographed doing anything athletic after age 35. Ever.

Michigan State is the most clutch basketball team in America -

A review of all the finishes in the last month that sent you to Google searching for prescription antacids.

Mark Dantonio and Mike D'Antoni are actually different people. Here's how to tell them apart -

Sure, they have different first names, their last names end differently, they coach different sports, and one has a mustache, but did you know that some people mix them up? Here's a handy guide to keep you from looking foolish this New Year's Eve.