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Orange Bowl Open Thread

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Hey y'all, I thought you might be interested in hanging out and chatting about MSU's possible opponent in a hypothetical National Championship game. It still hasn't really sunk in for me that any of this is happening. I'm getting a little verklempt:

Let me give you some topics to discuss:

Would you rather play Oklahoma or Clemson if MSU beats Alabama? (I say Clemson)

Mark Dantonio: minor deity or The One True God?

Would you go to Glendale if MSU made it?

How stupid is it that these games are on New Year's Eve?

Ok, I'm feeling better now. I'm guessing that the Orange Bowl will be a much different style of game than the Cotton; more basketball on grass than rocks bashing each other. That might make it kinda fun to watch. I'm not sure it'll ease the nerves at all. Regardless, I'm glad that our game is the later one; just another few hours to enjoy the spotlight of the Playoff.

Oh, and check out Shakin' the Southland for Clemson chatter, and Crimson and Cream Machine for Oklahoma.