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Week Fourteen Staff Game Predictions: College Football Playoffs-Semifinals

Michigan State will have to get past Alabama if they want to reach the national championship.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State will have its first crack at the playoffs, as they go into AT&T stadium to face the highly favored Nick Saban and Alabama Crimson Tide. Both teams have identical records (12-1) and similar paths to the playoffs, as they play two different styles of football. The stakes are high but pretty simple for both teams: you either go hard or go home. Dantonio will rely on Connor Cook and company to match up well against Nick Saban's explosive offense and bruising defense. The Spartans will carry the Big Ten on its back, as they are tired of being overlooked due to the SEC's accomplishments over the years. If Michigan State can play sound defense and put points on the board all four quarters, the Spartans have a chance at pulling off an upset and advancing to the championship. Here are our staff predictions: