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Michigan State Spartans Football: "The Drive" T-Shirt

In a previous post I asked, "how many of these could we possibly end up with?" Well, we've got at least one more.

The final drive against Iowa was absolutely insane. It was the longest drive in the past two seasons of college football. It involved 5 third down conversions and a fourth down conversion. Connor Cook was clearly not 100%. L.J. Scott had fourteen carries. It went for 82 yards, 22 plays, 9 minutes, 4 seconds, and 1 championship (available here):

As always, sizes are up to 3XL, there's a women's v-neck option, and the colors available are sport gray or white. The Quick Six and other The Only Colors t-shirts are still very much available (unfortunately the "Drilled It" t-shirt is no longer available).

If you'd like it (or any other TOC shirt) by Christmas, there are still "hurry" and "rush guaranteed" options from our vendor. More details on holiday delivery here.