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Welcome Aboard: Mufi Hunt

The Spartans finish off their 2015 football class with a DE from Utah

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Story

Mufi Hunt is a 3 star Defensive End from the state of Utah. He is an interesting addition the the Spartans' class in that he is scheduled to go on a mission trip for two years following his graduation from high school. If he does in fact go on his trip right away he would not take the field for the Spartans until the 2017 season. Hunt narrowed down his top four to MSU, Washington State, BYU and Oregon State.

The Measureables

Hunt is a tall player at 6'6" but weighs in at only 215 pounds. It is likely the staff would like to see Hunt add on about 20-30 pounds or so to compete at the college level on the D-line. It's also obviously a wild card for how Hunt comes back physically from his trip as he may not be doing a lot of weightlifting and training while he is gone. He would be a 20 year old freshman with 4 years of eligibility which as anyone who watches BYU knows, having grown men in their senior years against college kids can be a tremendous advantage.

The Film

YouTube had nothing for Mufi so I have linked up to his Hudl profile here. On defense he shows quick footwork and agility in changing directions. His running stride looks a little strange but that could be attributed to growth in his final few years of school as he gets used to his new bigger frame.

The Class

Hunt is a final piece of the class of 2015. He joins just one other Defensive End Justice Alexander in this years class.

Good luck on your trip Mufi and welcome to the Spartan family! Go Green!