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Administrivia: A Quick Reset

An update from TOC staff

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday everyone.

Just had a couple notes. For those of you that hadn't heard, I'm your new managing editor! Excited to be here.

I'm working on merch items. I'll have updates as they come.

I realized that we didn't have anything resembling a comprehensive library for orienting yourself to the basketball or football stats we use regularly. I'm guessing most readers are pretty familiar at this point with F/+ and the tempo-free stuff, but I thought it might be helpful to compile some stuff.

So, under the "library" tab at the top, I've compiled a Basketball stats primer and also a Football stats primer. I hope these are helpful to folks!

We've got two new contributors: Matt McIntyre and Eric Pierzchala who have gotten their debuts this week. If you missed them, here's Matt's analysis of the free throw shooting woes and Eric's preview of the game against Illinois tomorrow. I'm excited to have them aboard.

Also, we're a little more than seven years in since KJ started the proto-TOC site "Spartans Weblog." It's worth checking out the old archives, if for no other reason than to see KJ claim to be "not a huge fan of college football." We've come very far in the last seven years, but it'll never get old to make fun of people for questionable things they've written in the past.

I'd like to start a regular mailblog feature with your questions about anything MSU-related. E-mail me at