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Big Ten Basketball Tournament Open Thread: Day One

Join TOC while watching the first night of the BTT

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So, tonight probably isn't that important for MSU, but there's only so many days of basketball left, and I figure a good number of you might be watching tonight's games.

The first game is 12-seed Nebraska against 13-seed Penn State (which started at 4:30 EST, on ESPN2). We probably want Nebraska to win that game to make the loss to them look a little better; they're still probably an RPI 100+ loss and will be a wart on the tournament resume but a win tonight would help a bit.

The second game is 11-seed Minnesota against 14-seed Rutgers. This game will start at about 7, on BTN. Minnesota is actually a pretty solid team and could give Ohio State some issues tomorrow, so that's the team we're hoping for, here. Plus Rutgers is bad and should feel bad.

Share your thoughts on the game, games tomorrow, or make fun of tonight's session for drawing so few fans.

As always, no illegal streams. And be cool to one another.