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The Only Podcast: Listen and survive and advance

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Chris and Joe talk about MSU basketball's win over Indiana, preview the Big Ten Tournament and talk about MSU hockey's huge series against Michigan this weekend.

In addition, we're going to try something new. On Friday night, after MSU basketball's BTT game, we'll have a live podcast as a sort of post-show reaction thread. We record these on live Google Hangouts, so it'll be a live YouTube video, and you guys can comment and react with and to us in the comments. I think it could be fun, so keep an eye out for that on Friday.

As for this podcast:

- What did you take away from MSU-Indiana?

- Would the Spartans rather face Minnesota or Ohio State?

- What are MSU's chances of winning the Big Ten Tournament?

- What is MSU's NCAA Tournament seed looking like?

- What does MSU hockey need to do this weekend to win the Big Ten?

We lost connection a couple times recording this one, so the audio is stitched together, but the YouTube is split up.

You can listen by clicking here or on YouTube below. Subscribe on iTunes or the RSS to get automatic downloads.