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MSU - Ohio State reaction thread / post-show

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

So we're going to try something new here. After MSU's Big Ten Tournament game against Ohio State, Joe and I are going to do a live podcast as part of the typical reaction thread.

This comment section will be your regular reaction thread. While that's going on, we'll be doing a live post-show in the YouTube video below. You guys can ask us questions, react to our questions, call us idiots in the live comment section, and we'll try to react and interact. I've seen this done before on other sites and in other sports, and it seems like a fun thing, so we'll give it a try, and hopefully you will join us why reacting to the game. If it goes well, we might continue it.

We'll talk about the basketball game as well as the hockey game.

So please stick around after the game and chat with us. (I don't know why the preview photo is a pixelated photo of my dog).