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Michigan State Spartans: Linking Laconically Is Getting Ready

Join us for a mid-week links roundup

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

There's lots going on in the world of MSU sports:

A great B1G hockey statistical deep-dive. Essentially, MSU overachieved in B1G play this year, but you probably already knew that.

Former Izzo assistant Brian Gregory shared his strategy for handling Georgia. His record against Georgia during his time at Georgia Tech is a sparkling 4-0.

Off Tackle Empire tells us how Tournament Tom will get us to the Final Four this year.

FiveThirtyEight's projections are just the best, data-wise. They include injuries, travel distance, and multiple ratings systems. If you have to pick just one #mathketball source, this should be your pick. MSU comes out at #14 overall in terms of championship odds, and is the best team with a seed higher than 5. I'm still bitter about that 7-seed.

Barack Obama has released his picks. He's got MSU over Georgia, but losing to Virginia.

Our sister site Dawg Sports posted my answers to their questions about the upcoming game here.