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The Only Podcast: Sooner Or Later

Magic is clapping for our podcasting skillz
Magic is clapping for our podcasting skillz
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Chris and Joe look back at MSU's NCAA Tournament wins over Georgia and Virginia, preview Oklahoma and the Sweet 16 and react to MSU suddenly becoming the favorite to win the region. We also talk some football at the end.

- What stuck out from the wins over Georgia and Virginia?

- Should MSU be the favorite in the region?

- What problems does Oklahoma present?

- What needs to happen for MSU to reach the Final Four?

- What stuck out about the spring football depth chart?

You can listen by clicking here or on YouTube videos below (we had a disconnection, but it's edited out in the audio version). Subscribe on iTunes or the RSS to get automatic downloads.

We'll also be doing a post-game show after the Oklahoma game Friday night, so please join us for that.