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NCAA Tournament 2015: TV schedule and Open Thread for Thursday

Prep for Friday night with TOC!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I'm antsy. You're antsy. Having the last Sweet Sixteen game sucks, because we have to wait and know all of the other 7 teams, including the potential opponent, before our game starts.

The upside is that all of these games are interesting, as they represent potential opponents. Except anyone other than Kentucky on Kentucky's side of the bracket.

Alex Cook had a nice breakdown of Sweet 16 rootability started here. I'm shamelessly stealing his idea, but I'll be doing this from an MSU perspective, leaving MSU and Oklahoma out. Here are the 14 remaining teams:

1) N.C. State because they're an easier opponent than Louisville, and because they're a fun story.

2) West Virginia because that would be an amazing upset, plus I think we've got plenty in common with the folks in Morgantown.

3) Wichita State because nobody likes Notre Dame and Wichita is fun.

4) Utah because Duke.

5) Xavier because Matt Stainbrook has a fun name and is a former Western Michigan guy.

6) UCLA for the upset and because nobody thought they should be in the tournament.

7) Gonzaga because I have no strong feels about them.

8) Arizona because boring.

9) Wisconsin because #RealRival

10) North Carolina because I'd rather see a B1G team advance

11) Louisville because playing them is probably a more difficult matchup than N.C. State

12) Notre Dame because their team is overrated and why do they get to have nice things?

13) Duke because nobody wants to see them in a potential Final Four.

14) Kentucky

Here's how to watch:

7:15 PM (7) Wichita St vs (3) Notre Dame CBS
7:47 PM (4) North Carolina vs (1) Wisconsin TBS
9:45 PM (5) West Virginia vs (1) Kentucky CBS
10:17 PM (6) Xavier vs (2) Arizona TBS