Excited about Deyonta Davis

Nice article on Deyonta Davis. This dude is going to be a joy to watch for however long he stays at MSU. The article doesn't highlight his offensive game, but it is real: he runs the floor incredibly well, finishes above the rim, has a nice turn-around jumper, has a solid right hook, and has really nice form on his jump-shot. Combine that with the fact that he is a shot-blocking maestro, and doesn't have any serious lung issue... and we are going to get a player like we thought we were going to get from the get-go in Adreian Payne. I don't know if he is quite as explosively athletic, but I think his timing, footwork, conditioning, and offensive game are much farther along than AP's was at this point in his career. He just needs to add about 20 pounds over the next year or so.

Regardless this kid is going to be dynamite. I am also 100% certain that Kyle Ahrens is going to be a keeper. He is a terrific athlete, leads his team in every statistical category, is a really good outside shooter, has really good handles, and is a really good defender.

McQuaid is clearly also a stud. This recruiting class will restore all recruiting faith in Tom Izzo.

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