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The Only Colors T-Shirt Brainstorming Thread

Help us come up with a design you'd like to buy

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, we've been talking about getting some swag for TOC going for a long time now. I've been working on this, and this week seemed like a great time to try to come up with some ideas for shirts. I know there's been some talk about other items too, but let's see how a t-shirt goes first.

Here's my plan: post your ideas for TOC t-shirts in the comments, and I'll cull the top 5-10 or so ideas and post a poll later in the day. I believe we'll be able to give a shirt to the person with the winning idea - but don't quote me on this yet.

Here are the rules, from our provider:

  • No infringement (no violation of copyrights or trademarks), no violation of publicity rights (no use of famous names or images of famous people even if you drew/took it yourself), and no profanity
  • If you have an image idea, vectors (Illustrator and the like) are always best, but if you need to use bitmap art (Photoshop, GIMP, and others), we can use those as long as it's at 300 DPI and at least the same size as it will be on the shirt. Most of our designs are about 12" wide.
If you aren't that handy with an image editor, that's just fine; post your idea anyways.

I'll start: "The Only Colors, Throwing Bagels Since 2015"

Oh, and bonus points if you can work in #Mathketball or some reference to Marvin Clark.