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Michigan State Football News: Macgarrett Kings Arrested

MSU wideout arrested on two misdemeanor charges

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This is not the kind of offseason news you're hoping for.

Per Joe Rexrode:

Most importantly, this is Kings' second alcohol-related offense in the last year, after a DUI last April. He was still on probation for that offense. I'm really hoping he gets the help he needs to overcome the issue.

As much as I hate to do this, here's the football impact: if Kings is dismissed from the team (and that seems likely to me), the experienced WR depth thins considerably. Kings had the second-most receptions on the team in 2014 with 29. The WR depth chart then includes Aaron Burbridge (26 catches in 2014) , R.J. Shelton (16), AJ Troup (7), and Monty Madaris (5). That means losing 3 of the top 4 pass-catchers, with TE Josiah Price in the mix as well.

Here's to hoping for the best for Macgarrett.