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Michigan State Spartans Basketball: Linking Laconically Has Stuff For You To Do

Both in Indianapolis and Right Here

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This week feels super-long since the game isn't until Saturday. Here's some prep material:

Hammer and Rails has put out a cool Indianapolis guide if you're headed down for the game and you're looking for new stuff to do.

There's an MSU Pep Rally, too.

John Gasaway is nipping my go-to preview meme in the bud (Insider article, sorry):

Pace won't matter at the Final Four. Everyone has played at very nearly the same exact tempo up to this point in the tournament. If anyone tries to tell you that "controlling the pace will be key," have that person forfeit their Hoops Analysis Thought Leader Card immediately. (I keep mine laminated and visible at all times.)

Did I ever get a "Hoops Analysis Thought Leader" card? Did someone conveniently forget? I'm going to assume it got lost in the mail.

Bill Simmons discusses Denzel Valentine as a second-round draft pick on his new podcast! He also calls Tom Izzo his favorite college coach! I'd be surprised if Valentine left early, but it's always fun to hear MSU guys discussed on a national level like this. (I'll also sneak in that regression analyses like Valentine as an NBA prospect).

Bill Raftery is just fantastic, and this article is a good ode to him and his opportunity to call the Final Four. I think he combines the right amount of analysis with the right amount of excitement. ONIONS!

Dan Hanner's thoughts on the Elite Eight are a must-read. It's nice to see a national guy recognize how tortured MSU has been this season and appreciate the reversal of the meme.

Awesome segment with Travis Trice on ESPN Radio.

dont count out tournament tom

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